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Cancelations: Ability to globally turn off updates to Quickbooks

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Jan 25, 2022 11:32 AM
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When I get a cancelation / refund through VRBO, etc., your system zeros out the invoice in OR. 

Then OR reaches out to QB and zeros out the invoice there. 

This is a constant problem for me, as I have to account for payments and refunds that are made. I can't have a zero invoice -- I need to show that the guest paid, cash was received, and then a refund was made. 

I know it is an issue on your end -- and that I can turn off the QB sync for these particular customers. Problem is, it's hard to keep up with multiple cancelations and turn off that sync before the OR-QB handshake happens. 

SO: My request is -- can you all create a toggle on/off that would globally turn off the QB sync whenever there is a cancelation? This would save me so much time and aggravation!!

Thanks for considering.