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Consolidate Guest Communications

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Mar 7, 2022 10:20 AM
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Currently one has to look in several areas to see all of the communications with a guest / Inquiry.

Can you please consolidate the conversations so that you can see them all in one place and in a format that is more like an email program (GMail preferred) rather than in a nonstandard OR system?

I think that this is the weakest part of OR. This has come up every time I try and train a new associate in how to use OwnerRez.

Also - it would be good to remove the Header as it takes up a lot of the visible space in the box so that you have to scroll every message to see what is being said. Some toggle on-off images perhaps.

Here are some
with drill down to

Here are some more
with drill down to


And then the Ower Notes which contains a start of a conversation entered at time of booking

"At the time of booking, the guest commented:
may add on an additional 4 -5 people later. let me know how and when to do so."


sunchic vacation
Feb 12, 2023 7:58 AM
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Good stuff. Hoping this is addressed in the future unified inbox I heard about I think for 2023. I've seen a very cool app from Enso Connect that asks the guest what their preferred communication method is. Maybe consider something similar for each message that goes out, to allow the guest to select how they want to hear from us. OwnerRez's system could only offer the options the host has subscribed to. But, if the host has email, native OTA, and SMS, then the template for that communication medium is automatically updated to be used going forward. Could be multiple as well. I could see guests wanting both email and SMS to be sure they get it for example. 

Consider also having a default template that can be assigned to multiple communication mediums, versus having us create new ones for each. Can always allow us to modify what we want for each and have errors/guidance that allows us to avoid doing something wrong with formatting or attachments that aren't proper for one or the other.