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Cross validate number of guests provided with actual count of guests in the booking

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Hemang L
Sep 25, 2023 5:52 PM
Joined Feb, 2023 15 posts

I would like to get list of all the guest names specified by the primary renter and also listed in the renters agreement. This can be easily done by adding a custom field say "BXGUESTS" and selecting a rich text format (which allows users to specify list of all the guest names). 


However, there is still one issue. This process does not cross validate that the list of guest names provided by the primary renter matches the number of guests (adults + children) specified in the booking. I have additional daily fee per guest beyond 4+, so it is important for me to get the correct list of names.


I would like a mechanism for the system to cross validate this and either prompt the primary renter to provide missing guest names if it is less than the # specified in booking or prompt for adding/updating the number of guests specified in the booking.