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Easily export Templates to files

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Chuck K
Sep 1, 2023 9:07 AM
Joined Oct, 2019 85 posts

Would be a very helpful feature or tool as our template libraries grow. Being able to select some, or all, and export each as a separate file. Cutting and pasting to get them out is just too cumbersome.

  • Could just start with creating a single file with all exports
  • In beginning, simple export as RTF.
  • Add option for individual files
  • Later add option for plain text - converting rich text templates.

We have a lot of templates and find ourselves editing often. Often feel it would be easier in a real text app instead of a browser. Most DEFINITELY is when on mobile. Editing on mobile is a royal pain and uncomfortable.

Plus, I like to have an offline library of my templates in the event of an issue. Even easier to share with other OR users. Last, despite it being 2023, it is just not possible to work online everywhere and at least we could work on templates and load up later.

And (not that I would do this) its yet another step in data portability.