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Guest Screening - Scrape & compile reviews they left for previous properties

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Nathan S
Sep 26, 2023 3:28 PM
Joined Jun, 2023 8 posts

I typically look at what reviews a prospective guest has left for other properties in an effort to know what I'm in for.


  • I have instant book on, so in those cases, I like to know of any complaints the guest made at other properties, if any. Do they leave long reviews about little details of the property, comments on responsiveness of host, or simply "great place in a good location", etc
  • Guests who don't have enough 5 start reviews and need to request to book - These guests could be trouble and I 100% of the time look at the reviews they left for previous properties.

I'd like ownerrez to simplify this process. Clearly provide the reviews a guest has left.

I currently:

  1. Click on the host who left them a review to open their Airbnb profile, noting the date/month of travel (typically 6+ months ago or more)
  2. Scroll through the reviews received on the host's page to find the month that aligns with the guests month of travel
  3. If the host has numerous properties, it's necessary to go through each property and scroll/load more reviews until you get to the 6+ month range