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HEIC Default Photo File Type for iPhone

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Dec 22, 2021 7:54 PM
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I don't know what percentage of OR clients use iPhones, but for those that do, the default file type for taking pictures these days seems to be .HEIC, I don't know when this started.  Anyway when .HEIC uploads to OR it creates an error in the case of photos "HEIC images are not supported -- instead, convert to JPG and upload the JPG", and in the case of uploading an image for an email, OR creates a link, but when the guest clicks on the link it is a broken image, so the OR client doesn't even know there is a problem (I found this out through my guest).  I guess OR could 'instruct' all iPhone users to set their cameras to .jpg default or, OR could convert the .HEIC file types upon uploading to .jpg would probably be more seamless for all the iPhone users, there must be a free script for it...  In the meantime I'm changing my iPhone file type to .jpg!