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Home available trigger

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Feb 5, 2023 4:27 PM
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It would be extremely nice to notify guests when their home is clean and ready for them.  My check-in time is 5pm to give cleaners enough time to work, but the home can often be ready several hours before that.

Without this, guests often call and ask if the home is ready, or they go to the property just to find cleaners at the home still working.

Today when the home is ready, my cleaner notifies her supervisor, the supervisor notifies me, then I manually send a text & email notification to the guest.  That's lots of manual interaction & delays..

I'd like to provide a simple link for my cleaners to submit which specifies the property has been cleaned for a given booking.  That part is manual.  After that, an email & text message could automatically go out to the guest and tell them they can check in.  The message could also go to the property owner/manager as an FYI.

Since my cleaner doesn't need login access to OwnerRez, the link could include a unique ID corresponding to the home and week.  The ID needs to be unique enough it can't be guessed or abused.  Anyone with the link can go to the page, maybe click a box saying "Yes the home is clean", Submit - and then the magic happens.

If there's another *automated* way to do this, please let me know.  Thanks!

Edit: It appears the new Zapier integration might be able to do this?