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Incomplete V2 of API and still no locale / multi-language widgets

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Bernard C
Jun 19, 2023 2:42 AM
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I am disappointed finding-out from OR support that the V2 of the OR API does not support filtering searches by accommodation capacity nor categories nor amount of bedrooms.

i've been with OR for 2 years and since the very begining asked about eventual ETA for improvement of widgets, namely for handling different languages. I was told at that time that it was in the pipeline and using a very common motto at OR - "there was no precise ETA" for it. So I (wrongly) thought this meant it would be sorted out in the next 2 years. I was then suggested to make a development from OR API.

Still no news about this today so I went down the API way.

It worked for languages but the search module would not filter properties according to accommodation capacity nor amount of bedrooms. In a nutshell, whatever were the selection of the visitor, he would get the same results; all available properties.

When querying I was told V2 was not yet handling filtering and... guess what "there was no specific ETA" for this. I was advised to use the DEPRECATED V1 and it does not work at all.

Now I need to know:
1. Is there an ETA for the search widgets in different languages?
2. Is there an ETA for a proper V2 of the API that would allow filtering?
3. Whether going for V1 is a reasonable solution despite it being clearly marked as "deprecated" in your documentation.

Thanks for looking into it.