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Payment type surcharges & discounts

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Tim K
May 24, 2023 10:27 AM
Joined Jul, 2017 66 posts

This used to be a thing, before it was removed. At the time of its removal (late 2020), there was a mention of a possible future means of adding an automated surcharge or discount based on payment type. Has there been any further discussion of this subject?


In the future, will there be an automated fee based on guest selection?

There is a new method we have discussed building that will add a processing fee on to the booking based on the credit card payment made at the time the credit card is run.  This method should be much more intuitive on all sides because it simply increments the payment at the time it's run and the guest understands that there's a fee added on.  On the booking charges, a special Processing Fee will show below the taxes.  To be clear, this has only been discussed, not developed or scheduled for engineering.  We have no ETA on that yet, but we may release it in the future.