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Please improve reports!

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Feb 18, 2022 2:44 PM
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I love your product, but your reporting leaves much to be desired.

The Detail Bookings report has a column for Rent, but not one for Surcharges or Total Taxes.  Therefore, it's impossible to know how much of the booking is yours and how much is going to the government. This makes it useless for looking at profit. Also, there is no column for Listing site fees or Credit card processing fees.

In order to see how much is going into my pocket, I need to run a Tax Detail report. The problem with THIS report is there is no Total Tax column. The individual taxes are shown, but no total. Therefore, I have to export the data into Excel and do my own calculation.  Even worse, the columns are unpredictable, meaning there is a column for every tax type you have created. But when you run it for a different period that might have had different taxes for those bookings, you get different columns. Therefore, I have to create custom formulas every time. I can't even paste the data into a template because I can't be sure what tax columns will be present.  And because this report does not have the other columns that the Detail Report has, it cannot be used on its own. So, you need to run both reports.

It's such a hassle that I don't even use the OR reports, although I really want to.

What I need is a "Kitchen Sink" report with everything on it (but without the unpredictable tax types).  Then when I export to Excel I can pick and choose what data I want to look at, manipulate, create charts, etc.


Shawn H
Feb 20, 2022 9:33 PM
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Hi Tim - have you tried the Line Item Pivot report? It's one of my favs and might just have all that you're looking for. Make sure to keep 'Merge similar charges' unchecked to get more of what you're looking for. -Shawn