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Quickbooks Integration: Sub-Customers

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Mar 30, 2021 11:23 AM
Joined Sep, 2020 86 posts

When OR creates a new customer in QB, I'd LOVE to have the ability for that customer to come in as a "sub-customer" of a particular property.

What I do now is manually edit the customer to be a sub-customer of a particular property. The problem is, whenever there is an additional update from OR, that sub-customer designation gets removed, so I end up re-assigning it several times, until the customer no longer gets updated / ie all transactions are in the past.

Is it possible to either a) allow the customers to be sub-customers as they come into QB, or b) prevent the customer's sub-customer designation from changing / reverting on updates?


Paul W
Mar 31, 2021 12:15 PM
OR Team Member Joined Jun, 2009 829 posts

Interesting recommendation, Dori. Thanks for suggesting.

To be clear, the main "Customer" would be the property name like "Acme Beach House" and then that would have a sub-customer of Susy Jones.

I didn't know that QB supported multi-level Customers. Interesting!

Mar 31, 2021 1:09 PM
Joined Sep, 2020 86 posts

Yes, that's it exactly.
Customers would be Property A, Property B, etc.
Sub-customers would be the guests of each property.

This allows for drill-down reporting in QB that I find extremely useful.

Thanks for considering it.

Maine Cottage Ke
Sep 22, 2021 6:35 AM
Joined Dec, 2020 13 posts

I'd recommend using Owners as the customer & not properties and instead using locations for properties. Then you can line up your owner statement in OwnerRez with one in Quickbooks that has all of their guests.

Ocean Zen
Feb 25, 2023 1:01 AM
Joined Jun, 2022 70 posts

Dori and everyone else on the thread,

I have included this issue in a comprehensive list with which I am trying to create urgency with addressing Quickbooks Integration / Accounting issues in OR by having all key stakeholders join together to create a louder voice. To do so I have tried to summarize all the open issues in this theme and have created one master feature request that I am asking everyone that would like to see this addressed cast a vote for so we concentrate our voting and allow OR to see the magnitude of the need. I do have some ideas for a rapid resolution but at this time want to focus on identifying and prioritizing the issues/problems and have OR engage in prioritizing this fix.

The comprehensive thread is that this Feature request (full link below). If you feel this is a need PLEASE VOTE. If you have any additions, corrections, or comments please reply and I will try to keep the top post updated.


Thank you for your support and lets get a roadmap for this once and for all!!