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RemoteLock Notifications

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Brendan & Jessica T
Sep 9, 2023 1:56 PM
Joined Sep, 2022 2 posts

RemoteLock has the ability to send a notification when a guest code is used for the first time- the notification can be made via email, sms or firing a webhook. It would be awesome to have this turned on by default for each guest account created by OwnerRez. We use it to see/make sure people got in on time. What would be even cooler is having RemoteLock fire a webhook back into OwnerRez which would let you trigger an action when the guest enters the property for the first time (automate a message 2 hours after they arrive with a standard “just making sure you’re in and everything is good” type thing). 

The second part is entirely doable with some middleware, but having the notification turned on when OwnerRez creates the guest entry in RemoteLock would simplify a lot. Prior to using OwnerRez we had this ability, but it’s because we had RemoteLock following the calendar from the other PMS system and creating the users itself, which would be possible now but with no way to push the guest codes back to OwnerRez for inclusion in other messages.