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Select "Manual Payment Method" (Zelle, Venmo, etc) on additional payment screen plus proof of Payment

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Ocean Zen
Sep 15, 2023 8:01 AM
Joined Jun, 2022 70 posts

Allow guests to Select "Manual Payment Method" (Zelle, ACH, Venmo, etc) on payment screen and upload proof of Payment by uploading a file or screenshot of the proof of payment.


Currently, if the guests is sent a request for additional payment it defaults to the previous payment method they used instead of offering all the choices.

In the screen after clicking "Confirm and Finalize Now" they would get instructions for payment as they do now and an additional button to upload proof of Payment. In the email they get with the confirmation there would be a link to "Upload Proof of Payment" in case they didn't do it immediately.

Also, it would be great if in setting up the Manual Payment method we can upload an Icon (ie Zelle Icon for Zelle) so it shows up on the list of payment methods instead of the current "Manual Method".

Additionally, the list of Payment methods should be separated into Credit Card and OTHER so Guests can clearly see all the Alternative payment Methods more clearly


This won't fully automate the payment methods but will highly facilitate these processes. In Europe clients are used to this process and is quite common.


As an added bonus, if there is an additional fields to record a Reference Number (for the payment in offline system) and one for a weblink to the transaction in offline system when the deposit is recorded it would be great.


This combined with the already existing "Deposits" feature will allow hosts to much easier, receive, manage and reconcile offline payments.

Most of this code already exists in other parts of the system so it should be very little effort for a large benefit!

Tim K
Sep 26, 2023 12:51 PM
Joined Jul, 2017 74 posts

I agree that the "custom" payments option could use some upgrades, especially as CC fees become more of an issue and Venmo/Zelle and the like become more common. I'm far less concerned about "uploading proof" as I am just being notified that a guest has chosen to pay that way. Right now a guest can book using the custom option and I have no idea how they are paying. Are they sending me Venmo? Zelle? Paypal? It would be really helpful if OR listed out the actual custom options and provided a selection for the guest to pick one instead of just "Custom instructions" Once chosen, the instructions for that payment type could be displayed - even better if a QR code could be included to make it even easier for guests. Then when the booking was completed OR would have a record of which payment type they had chosen.