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Soundfront Prominent Amenity

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Feb 12, 2023 2:56 PM
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I have two Soundfront vacation homes on Hatteras Island, but there is no prominent amenity for Soundfront. Beachfront is the closest option, but many renters drive hundreds of miles and even from Canada to stay at Soundfront homes in my region. Hatteras Island is the wind sports mecca, and Soundfront homes are *the* most desirable for these guests. If you look at other regional vacation rental management firms, they all allow filtering by Soundfront properties. Can this please be added to "Prominent Amenities" so it is clear to guests they are renting a Soundfront home? There are lakes on Hatteras Island, so Lakefront is not the right filter either. The other prominent amenities would potentially cause them to skip over my Soundfront homes. Thank you!