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Trigger-integrated button response

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Rich S
Jan 13, 2022 10:12 AM
Joined Dec, 2018 301 posts

Would be nice if I could send an automated email to guests with a button asking for them to confirm a question, and have that response be stored as a trigger criteria condition.

Example Email to Guest:   "Wanted to confirm you have received key codes and made your paid parking reservation for your upcoming stay. Please click this [button] to indicate you have done so"

clicking [button] should do the following:

a) set a trigger condition which can be used for automation as a custom criteria (eg: similar to rental agreement unsigned)
b) override the contents of a new custom field {BUTTON1_RESP}. Start and override content should be configurable by end user.


Usage - an OR user could send the button and until it's been clicked by the guest continue to keep sending reminders that they need to act. Once the guest clicks the button OR would stop asking and the OR user could be (more) confident that the guest has confirmed receipt of whatever info the OR user wanted



- provides a way to avoid repeatedly telling guests the same warnings "BE SURE YOU HAVE RESERVED PARKING !!"
- detects guests who for whatever reason aren't reading owner communications, allowing for preemptive action
- with a a bunch of configurable buttons like this the OR user can automate question/response in a lightweight manner that may get more feedback from guests than email. 

ps - I took the time to submit this to force myself to think through whether it's worth the effort. In theory it's a nice to have, in practice just might be one more complication that guests won't use. Mostly I hate not knowing whether my guests have reserved parking and I don't have an automated way to submit parking for them.  Maybe that's the better solution for my case ;-)

Feb 8, 2022 7:24 AM
Joined Oct, 2021 54 posts

I understand both sides to your idea.  As a whole though  I think it could be very helpful and effective in a diverse number of ways!

Specifically to your case, it sounds amazing.

In my case, id LOVE to get a confirmation they have read the house rules. I have a houseboat that requires you to flip a switch on while you shower, in order to pump the water out of the boat... or else it builds up in the hull of it.  NO ONE must read the rules, even though they are in huge bold font right at the top of the page, and my husband is always having to pump it out at least once every week. So a confirmation button would be great. Otherwise, I'm left being pesky by asking them if they read it and reminding them to read it. Without knowing they have, I'm just annoying them with old news.. if they have read it, that it is!


High five to your idea!! 

Traci W
Jun 16, 2022 4:47 PM
Joined May, 2022 2 posts

I would love a way to trigger a message with a link to a golf cart rental agreement if the guest indicated that they wanted to rent it for an additional fee.  A standard Y/N response or just clicking a button would work for me.