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When putting cursor over ribbon calendar it shows which booking site it came from

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Fenwick Vacation
Jun 11, 2018 1:43 AM
Joined May, 2018 20 posts

This would be very helpful. You can see it for airbnb due to the email showing up but you can't see it for all of them. It would also be great to be able to organize the properties as you see fit. As we like to have our properties that are similar together in case we need to move bookings around.

Lydia C
Jun 17, 2018 6:09 AM
Joined Oct, 2016 4 posts

I second this idea! -- I often want to quickly take a look and see where the booking originated.

Amanda & Mike H
Jun 18, 2018 9:26 AM
Joined Jun, 2017 12 posts

I think this is a great idea.

If you are going to make changes to the ribbon calendar in the Booking area, I would suggest the view be a rolling 31 days as of Today Date.

This would solve the problem when looking at future availability you don't have to toggle between the months to see dates which cross-over from one month to the next.

Chris Hynes
Jun 22, 2018 1:44 AM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2012 1400 posts

We just pushed out an update that shows the listing site on the popover.

The rolling calendar view is a great idea and something we want to do, but that's a bigger rearchitecture -- the calendar right now is built to a single month, so making it roll and redoing a layout to show multiple months is a larger effort.