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ProCommunity is a service offering for local or regional groups of short term rental owners or property managers who are using OwnerRez to manage their properties.


OwnerRez will customize an Availability/Property Search Widget that will include the properties of all participants - the property listings correspond to the OwnerRez account information of each property, and sends guests to the individual website of each respective property.

How It Works

  • The organization requesting the widget must have a Sponsor who acts as the point of contact.
  • Within the Sponsor's account, the Sponsor will create a Ribbon Calendar Widget and/or Availability/Property Search Widget. OwnerRez will customize the Widget to support the group mode. The widget code must then be dropped into the Sponsor's own website, which must be hosted on a non-OwnerRez platform (cannot be a Hosted Website).
  • It is the Sponsor's responsibility to notify OwnerRez of which accounts/properties should be added/removed from the list, on whatever basis they choose (paid subscription, membership in an organization, etc.) The Widget will display the same information as the standard Availability/Property Search widget, but for all properties in the ProCommunity group. Clicking on a property displayed in the Widget will open a new tab and direct to the URL that is listed in the OwnerRez account.  
  • Properties can be listed on multiple indexed websites - they are not restricted to just one.
  • Sponsor's website will be included on our regional list index: https://www.ownerrez.com/support/articles/regional-listing-sites
  • Sponsor's website must list on the home page that the "Availability/Property Search on this page is courtesy of OwnerRez" as well as a short description of what OwnerRez does, with a link back to the main OwnerRez website.


  • The organization Sponsor must have an active OwnerRez account.
  • At least 10 different participants (thus, 10 separate OwnerRez accounts) must be included in order for OwnerRez to set up the program.
  • All participants must have their own paid OwnerRez accounts to be included, and must have a website capable of accepting online bookings.  This can be either an OwnerRez Hosted Website, or a custom website using OwnerRez widgets/plugins.



The organization Sponsor must have an active OwnerRez account, but there is no special surcharge for this service.

If you're interested, contact us at: help@ownerreservations.com

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