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Renter Agreements

Renter agreements are very important to make sure both parties to a rental understand the terms involved. OwnerRez makes it easy to get electronically signed documents with our built-in e-sign support.

Included In The Checkout Process

Renter agreements are included in the checkout process when you send the guest a quote from OwnerRez or they use a book now widget to do the booking process. You can also send a signing link at any time that lets the guest sign any agreement. Very useful if the booking came from a listing site, was created manually by you, or the terms of the agreement changed. You can also send links if you want all members of the party to sign.

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Get The Guest "Real" Email Address

Nowadays, listing channels prefer to keep control of the guests and their information so as to be able to charge ongoing fees to both sides. Instead of providing a real email address, they create temporary "proxy" addresses that they filter and control. Proxy email addresses don't actually represent the guest or CRM record, they represent a booking. For this reason, we have created an automated way to send the guest a point of contact link, which also asks the guests to sign the rental agreement, to retrieve the "real" email address.

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Create Multiple Different Legal Agreements

You can configure each different agreement as to when it will be used - only for specific properties, say, or for certain channels. There are situations where you might want to have multiple different agreements used for the same booking - for instance, your normal rental agreement for a property, and also another agreement for the Jetski you are renting them as an Add-On option.  OwnerRez is not currently able to handle this for you automatically, but you can do it manually.

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Agreements Saved Safe Forever

Once a guest signs the rental agreement, it is timestamped with their IP address and saved in OwnerRez. Most of the time you won't need to access the agreement, but if you need to download it for any reason, we have it stored safely inside OwnerRez.

Use Our Default Agreement or Use Your Own

We include a default renter agreement in your account and you can create as many agreements as you like. You can either start from the default agreement and customize it, or paste in the text of your agreement, or upload your existing MS Word format agreement.