Experience the difference of "Elite".

The most valuable resource I have in vacation rental management

Exceptional - the videos and tutorials were helpful in setting up and becoming initially familiar with the software. The customer support team filled in the blanks anywhere I got stuck or lost. I became well versed in how to work all aspects of the software fairly quickly which is a testament to its user-friendly interfact.


It is nearly impossible to list all the features about Owner Rez that I feel I could not (and certainly would not want to) live without. It is the single most important tool that I use in managing my two properties plus the five additional properties I manage for friends. I utilize about 80% of the software so it is exceptionally cost-effective for me considering all it does to save me time and to provide excellent communications and customer service to my guests. I have recommended it to hundreds of other owners and have personally set up many who wanted to use it but were daunted by the idea of getting started. It is logical, fast, thorough and the customer service I receive in the few instances I've gotten "stuck" trying to do something has been incredibly fast.


I wish there was a way to send automated texts to guests using my own cell phone number for replies rather than having to use a 3rd number that populates back to the software only. It's impractical for me to have to check the software for replies vs the replies coming into my phone. So I still handle my texts to guests manually.

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