Experience the difference of "Elite".

Ownerrez is amazing!

It is the alternative that best fitted my requirements


1. Speed - It is lightning-fast to use and makes a huge difference in your visitors' engagement and stickiness when a search feature is integrated on a page. 2. The way it integrates Wordpress websites is ideal for my needs and is unmatched by its competitors who have not at all thought things this way. 3. They thought about everything. It is difficult to find a requirement that is not feasible. 4. It's fairly simple, easy and logical to use. 5. Not last and certainly not least - the documentation is extensive and support service is unmatched. Basically you get a positive reply or clear explanation on any issue within a couple of hours and by the people who design it, not a call centre in some exotic place.


1. It is not GDPR compliant 2. Its checkout process is near to a disaster (but it works perfectly on a technical standpoint). The processing seems to perfectly fit the American market so extended customisation of the process is really a must. 3. International / language is ¾ way done. 4. White label is not available (except if going the API way). 5. There is not proper channel manager feature but the alternative proposed works perfectly.

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