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Best functionality for the price

Great experience overall! The OR team is very responsive and helpful. Using OR has streamlined my channel managment and automated previously manual business processes which has freed me up to focus on more strategic business objectives. They also worked well with my website designer as she brought my website online, using OR as the booking engine. Bottom line, it has made running my business a whole lot easier. Wish I had done it sooner!


I was able to get my properties and channels set up quickly and the customer service is top notch. The features I like most include: booking engine for my website; multi-channel (VRBO/AirBnB/my website), multi-property calendar management; payment processing; automated messaging and messaging options/flexibility; third party notifications (which has automated previously manual processes); ability to manage content/rates for multiple channels on a single platform and more! It's worth it just for that and there is more functionality I look forward to using in the future.


Sometimes I have to dig around a little if I'm doing something new or something I don't do often, i.e. it's not always intuitive (for me) where functionality resides on the platform. Of course there's a learning curve with any new software and this is no exception. But their customer support group is always quick to respond and extremely helpful. FYI - I have been using OR for about 4+ months.

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