Experience the difference of "Elite".

By far the best channel manager and PMS for the money!

Excellent! I'm so glad I found it, it has really solved all my problems and for the price, it is comparable in cost to many of the other sites and less expensive than quite a few of them.


OwnerRez works really great. It's SO robust and has so many features! I'm very pleased with it - I've looked at a dozen different systems and did a test run of about 4 of them. None could do what OwnerRez does - it allowed me to do several functions I was unable to do in the other systems. And a HUGE PLUS: the customer support is amazing. They reply very quickly (business hours) and are extremely helpful.

Reasons for Switching to OwnerRez: I still use Wix for my website, but replaced the Hotels function with OwnerRez. I also tried Lodgify, Smoobu and Vacation Rental Desk on a trial for my PMS/channel manager. OwnerRez has an easy to use interface and my favorite part is the ability to clearly see all the reservations at one glance. It also does several things that the others were not able to do, the biggest being the way it can nest and link different of my properties together to eliminate double bookings. (The others had this feature, but only at one level. I needed two levels - a linked property and then another link to a sub-property. OwnerRez handles this just fine!)


It takes quite a bit of time to get set up in the beginning - but that is going to be the case with EVERY good PMS or channel manager. Once you get it set up, it's a breeze to use. Just know and expect to put some time at the beginning.

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