Experience the difference of "Elite".

OwnerRez a MUST for newbies or seasoned professionals to use for STR's

Overall, it's been the BEST, most satisfying learning curve as I feel genuinely supported and encouraged by the OR team and understand how MUCH the software (and people) can offer to my new rental business.


Once "trained" with help from ProConnect, I felt much more confident in navigating ALL the various options OR provides

Reasons for Choosing OwnerRez: All the various features OR offers to hosts/owners/managers via the software, automated emails, and direct booking website


When I first signed up, I felt overwhelmed with the vast amount of information available on OR (via video tutorials and help docs). The sheer amount of information made me nervous, but once I worked with Customer Service/ProConnect (Lisa M), all my worries faded and I began to understand the processes much more and my confidence in using the software grew exponentially

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