Experience the difference of "Elite".

OwnerRez is the comprehensive solution for Vacation Rental Providers

OwnerRez helps us automate 90% of our hosting business. We wouldn't be scaling the way we are while offering guests a memorable experience in our homes without the flexibility and reliability offered by OwnerRez.


OwnerRez is a cost effective and flexible PMS for vacation rental providers. The engineering team is constantly rolling out new features and 3rd party integrations that help us continue improving the overall guest experience pre-stay, intra-stay, and post stay. Support has been amazing and allows me to focus on what we do best, which is offer our guests an unforgettable experience in our homes! Reasons for Choosing OwnerRez: OwnerRez is more flexible, cost effective, and has better support.


OwnerRez is so flexible it tends to spoil you, so being able to think of new features we'd like to have can sometimes be overwhelming for the engineering team. I don't think this is a problem with OwnerRez, but more of a function that when you offer such a great service, customers continue to want more and more features and 3rd party integrations!

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