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OwnerRez is amazing! I own a small rental and I have extra challenges due to living with a disability, and I have always received the most helpful support. A lot of other companies would place me on a low tier for support due to the volume of our business. But I have a high standard for my business, no matter how small (we're rated the Most Hospitable Host in our province), and they've helped me keep it up. They have a ton of support articles, always keep us in the loop with their planned updates, listen to all our ideas for future development, and they make us feel like part of the team. I rave about them all the time to my fellow hosts.


A loooong list of pros. - Their system is thorough & detailed (do give yourself time for the learning curve) - Everything can be customized and even overridden for specific bookings if you want- Reliable, top of the line API connections with pretty much any booking platform- Couldn't have been easier to add their widget to my wordpress site for direct bookings- Easy to share the calendar with my cleaners & manage booking windows- Best customer service. Seriously. Reasons for Choosing OwnerRez: Competitive & customizable price based on what add-ons I wanted. Reputation of excellence around bookings - no double booking with multiple booking platforms. Customer service reputation.


My cons list gets smaller every month with every update OwnerRez puts out. But here are the challenging parts of the software at this point in time:- Messaging is a bit tricky to master, as system messages & custom templates are in different sections. No ability to customize message templates ahead of time for individual guests, so if I want to add a personal note to a scheduled message I have to set myself an alarm to do it manually right before it's scheduled. - No ability to create single-use discount codesYou do have to pay close attention when setting things up, as there are a LOT of settings and it's easy to get one wrong. But this isn't a con, just a heads up. A huge part of OwnerRez's magic is how much customization they can handle.

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