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The Gold Standard for Vacation Rentals

I love this company. They are the GOLD STANDARD for professionalism in the vacation rental industry. The software is completely dependent on YOU and what you put into it. I used OR for several years just for the basics, never really taking the time to dig into the power of the platform--just using the templates and calendar basically. It works fine for that.

When we bought a new vacation rental, I knew I needed to automate things and decided to invest some effort. I am a NON-TECHIE. I used the documentation (easy to read and extensive) and went step-by-step through the process. If I didn't understand something, I watched the videos or looked for a webinar. Or posted in the "Unofficial" Facebook Group which is an awesome resource. I got really stuck a couple times and reached out to the help desk, getting exactly what I needed within a couple hours. From really nice people!

I managed to go live via API with VRBO (didn't even know what that meant), designed templates and triggers for customer communication that have revolutionized the way I do business, AND I even "built" my own website. Yeah!!

It looks intimidating and, yes, it takes time. Plan on spending a couple weekends to start. More if you're building your templates from scratch.

But seriously, if I can do it, anyone can. It's worth the effort!

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