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Nirvana! I honestly was so relieved the day we went live with 43 listings. The support, functionality of the software, the website .. all above an beyond. I literally lost 2 years of my life with GUESTY trying to make their solution work.


We spent 2 PAINFUL years trying to make the MYVR to GUESTY transition work until we finally found OwnerRez and transitioned in 2 months with their amazing support team and I am overwhelmed with how EVERYTHING WORKS and now we can stop spending endless hours on our technology solutions and get back to the business of managing our properties and serving our guests and owners. Switched From Guesty. Reasons for Switching to OwnerRez: The list is too long: restrictive, painful to use, lack of functionality, not integrated with my payment processor, the list is endless and I'm so glad I have moved on.


Such a minor issue but we need owner generated reservations to be passed to Breezeway as a reservation and not just a block of time.

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