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We are fairly new to OwnerReservations.com, and I am fairly new to being a booking agent. So I thought the learning curve was going to be very steep. Not! This software is so easy to use, and often times self-explanatory. When I have needed help, the team at OwnerRez is so supportive, and patient. I get started early and when I sent a few questions to them at 5:00AM I expected a reply at a more reasonable hour. I was surprised - and impressed - when 20 minutes later up pops the answer. I am anticipating less contact in the very near future as I work with this software, especially as they flesh out their Help page. I enjoy working with OwnerRez - fast, accurate, thorough...and fun!


Ease of use, accuracy, thoroughness, logical, fast, fun


There's not much that's not to like! Looking forward to the updates that are coming along with a more detailed Help page.

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