Experience the difference of "Elite".

OwnerRez does everything I need in a vacation rental software, and a bunch I didn't know I needed.

It makes running my business easier than I could have imagined. It's the one system I can't live without. The automation that it provides makes it so I don't hardly need to lift a finger. Many people say that Short Term Rentals are not passive income investments. OwnerRez challenges this notion.


I wish I could give 6 or 7 stars for Features and Functionality and Customer Support. The software and support team are outstanding. I've tried running booking plugins on a Wordpress site, and that gave me lots of headaches. While searching for new plugins, I found OwnerRez and a few other similar applications. After researching reviews online, I narrowed it down to two and tried the other one first. It still left me wanting in some areas. Then I tried OwnerRez and I was hooked. Since I had other issues with Wordpress overall, I jumped right in and added the OwnerRez hosted web site too. It's super easy to configure, and very reasonably priced. And did I mention the support is awesome? Every once in a while I find something new that I think would be a great addition. Some of those have already been incorporated as new features in the product.


I briefly considered giving 4 stars for Ease of Use, because there are so many options and features that sometimes it's overwhelming. But overall, I think that's a great thing, and it wouldn't be fair to rate them less than 5 stars. And anything that I have trouble with, I just send an email to the support team and get a response within a few hours. Or if I can't find a feature, they let me know exactly where it's located. The more I use it, the easier it becomes.

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