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My "go to" booking and management solution for new vacation rental owner/manager clients

I've been a web developer for over 22 years and focused primarily on the vacation rental sector for 6+ years. I've integrated other solutions into wordpress websites and many solutions are just not mobile accessible enough or not as friendly to smaller vr businesses (focus on 50+ properties customers) and have sub par support and documentation. Some just don't work at all as advertised. OwnerRez is now my favorite solution provider to work with after trying a bunch. They always have my back and I know my clients will all be treated golden. I sure wish more companies were like this!


I have not once heard a complaint from clients about this product, in fact all are well-pleased with it and how it integrates (totally mobile!) with the wordpress genesis websites we build and customize. The documentation and support that OwnerRez provides is second-to-none and certainly not found with other solutions that are reasonably priced. In fact, many companies that provide these tools for a lot higher cost have terrible documentation and support. This not only makes my job much easier but also helps my clients.


Some clients want features that OwnerRez does not yet have. I find that it's not only the perfect entry product for new VR owners/managers but like every solutions, it can have limitations. But they are always shifting and adding new things so doing a good job keeping up with the listing site/industry changes.

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