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My Account - My Alerts

Alerts (f.k.a. System Alerts) are notifications (via email) that the system sends to you. Also, If you have Staff under Team Access, they can also be allowed to receive alerts for your account. Guests do not get these alerts.

Alerts were historically managed under Settings > Messaging, but as of November 2023, support for Team Alerts was added, and Alerts was moved to be under the user's Profile menu (top right corner) as a user can have access to more than one account and the Alerts they wish to receive are tied to them, not the account. You can still get to Alerts from Settings, but that will be removed in a future release.

In a future release, Alerts will be able to be sent via browser (by subscribing to) push notifications. On mobile, this will be supported using the OwnerRez PWA (progressive web app).

My Alerts

My Alerts is located in the Profile menu (cross-linked from its old home in Settings for now).

On the My Alerts page, users do the following:

  • Disable Alerts button to turn off all Alerts (not recommended)
  • Change All button to de-select or select which Alerts to enable/disable.
  • Use the Action menu
    • Turn Off individual Alerts
    • Preview individual Alerts

OwnerRez My Alerts Page

Change My Alerts lets users turn on or off multiple alerts at once.

Change My Alerts

Team Alerts

Users can get to their Team Access area by navigating to Accounts > Team Access

Accounts > Team Access

Account users can "allow" Staff Team member Alerts at the time of invitation.

Team Access Alert Options

Or modify existing Staff Team members to "allow" them to receive Alerts by editing that Staff member's team access permissions.

Modify Team Access Alerts

Account users can turn on Staff Team member alerts for individual Staff Team members but cannot customize which alerts are sent; only Staff Team members themselves can customize their Alerts.

NOTE: If the user is a Portal user, and they are only a Portal user, they will not have Alerts in their Profile menu, as Alerts do not pertain to them as a Portal user.

Multiple Accounts

Users with access to multiple accounts can select which account they want to use when adjusting the My Alerts settings. Below, My Alerts defaults to the account you own or the first account you had access to. To switch to another account, click/tap the drop-down and select the other account - in this example, Acme Vacations.

Learn more by reading the Alerts section of the My Account Restructuring support article.