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BeHome247 is a unifying operations platform for property managers in the residential and hospitality industries that provides complete visibility, control, and automation over many daily tasks from a single dashboard. Automate workflows, connect smart devices, reduce costs, and drive revenue with BeHome247. From “prospect to poolside,” every step is coordinated and executed in one, seamless, purpose-built, end-to-end solution.

NOTE: Behome247 now requires a minimum of 25 properties to use their service.

Steps for integration:

1. Log in to BeHome247 here:

2. Once logged, click the settings button the left sidebar.

3. On the settings page, scroll until you see OwnerRez, then click Connect.

4. An authorization window will pop up, and you must click Authorize BeHome247.

5. Once you have authorized the connection, you will see a message that says "Connected! You can close this window now".

List of supported devices:

NOTE: This list may be inaccurate as it is currently in the process of being updated.

Item #1 – Smart Controller

  • Ezlo E550
  • Details: Multiprotocol w/ integral 4G cellular modem
  • Includes battery backup
  • Customer Specific Firmware
  • Cost: $250 each

Item #2 – Smart Lock

  • Yale
  • Schlage (not Schlage Encode)
  • DormaKaba

Item #3 – Smart Thermostat

  • Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave
  • Ecolink Z-Wave
  • Trane Z-Wave

Item #4: Smart Wall Switch

  • GE Enbrighten Smart Switch

Item #5 – Door / Window Sensor

  • Model: Various Contact Sensors

Item #6 – Leak / Freeze Sensor

  • Model: Various Leak Sensors

Item #7 – Smart Plug / Switch

  • Aeotec Smart Switch 6

Item #8 – Smart LED Light

  • GoControl Z-Wave Dimmable LED

Item #9 – MultiSensor (6)

  • Aeotec MultiSensor 6 in 1 Sensor

Item #10 – MultiSensor (3)

  • Aeotec TriSensor

Item #11 – EV Charger

  • OK2Charge
Item #12 – NoiseAware

You can view the Behome247 supported hardware packet below:

BeHome247 Supported Hardware.pdf

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Properties sync once a day and reservations every 30 minutes.
  • The data transferred:
    • Property:
      - Name
      - Id
      - Address
      - Location
    • Reservation:
      - Arrival and Departure dates
      - Guest Name, Email, Phone
      - Reservation Type
      - Rent amount