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Cleaner Reminder

In OwnerRez, there are many ways to send your cleaners information. This Email Template can be sent with the appropriate trigger to automatically send your email template to your cleaner to remind them of an upcoming cleaning.

Sample Email Template

Create an email template in OwnerRez with the below to, subject and body:

To:Create Cleaning Reminder Email Template With Cleaner Name and Email Address


Subject: Guest checking out of {PNAME} at {BCHECKOUT} on {BDEPDAY} {BDEP}


Current Guest is scheduled for {BCHECKOUT} on {BDEPDAY} {BDEP}
Please check calendar to see when the following guest is checking in and schedule the cleaning accordingly.

Trigger: 2 number of days before Guest Departure at 8:00 am. Be sure to set to apply to just the properties this specific cleaner cleans. Recreate the template for each cleaner you use.