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Technical and Functional Differences

The capabilities of integrating with a given door lock is controlled by three factors:

  • OwnerRez capabilities
  • The capabilities and limitations of the door lock hardware itself
  • The capabilities and limitations of the specific software interface used to connect between OwnerRez and the lock

For this reason, not all OwnerRez capabilities are available for every lock and interface.  It is not possible to detail every possible combination, but this table should serve as a general guide.

Door Lock Interface Can Assign Specific Lock Codes Can Alter Times while Preserving Code Min Code Length Can Cancel Codes Min # of Locks Quirks OwnerRez Built API
Schlage Yes Yes 4 Yes N/A   Yes
PointCentral No Yes 6 Yes N/A   Yes
Kaba/Oracode No No 6 No 10   Yes
eRentalLock No No 10 No N/A   Yes
RemoteLock Yes Yes 4 Yes N/A Cannot duplicate codes Yes
Igloo/ResortLock No No 10 No N/A   Yes
Brivo Yes Yes 6 Yes N/A Site-based codes Yes
Jervis Systems No (This will be completed by end of June) Yes 4 Yes N/A   No
i-checkin Yes Yes 4 Yes N/A   No