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Freezing Your Account

Some owners only rent their properties for part of the year, during tourist season. Then the property sits un-rented for half the year until high season comes around again.

You should not pause your OwnerRez account for seasonal use. We've found that this is a bad business model. Vacation rental business is fluid across the year. Even if you only book 3 or 4 months of the year, your website and other marketing materials need time online to build good Page Rank, SEO value and social media following, which is the case even during the off-season.

If you turn off your website, widgets and marketing except during on-season, customers are not exposed to your brand except for those brief months and then you disappear from the internet again. It's better to price your season high ahead of time and drive in business before the season arrives. Then as the season arrives, adjust your business accordingly. Give your customers a reason to follow you and the ability to find you year-round and your on-season will be better for it.

That being said, there are still some owners who want to completely turn off every part of their business for vast portions of the year.  We used to work with those owners to try and freeze the account, but we now no longer support this. There are good reasons for this - please read our section on reactivating old accounts in the support article about closing accounts.

Our intention is not to frustrate users but to avoid errors and bugs. Freezing and reactivating accounts is too difficult to sustain given the vast size of OwnerRez and the background processes that it relies on.

If your account has been closed, you can ask to reopen it, and we will if we can.  This is, however, not always guaranteed to be possible, and if it is possible, it is also not guaranteed not to have lost any data, depending on our archive schedule.   If your account was closed and has been reopened, you'll want to manually re-check everything in it.