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Home Page

Your Home Page is the first page that's displayed when guests visit your site, so it's very important to put your best foot forward!  To make changes in this area, go to Settings > Hosted Websites > click on your website row > click on the row for your Home page.

Hero Unit

By default, OwnerRez puts up a rotating slideshow display including all the photos you've uploaded for all your properties.  But, while photos of your laundry room and bike shed are very important for guests, they may not be what you want full-size on your front page.

The slideshow area is called the "Hero Unit." Click the Hero Unit tab in the middle of the screen to edit the settings.

You can modify the Hero Unit to display only specific photos you've individually selected, or even to play a video you've recorded.

Select the option you want, and follow the instructions to upload the new images or video.

You can download the photos you have added to your OwnerRez properties by going to properties > select the property > then go to photos. From there click the small () icon next to the photo you would like to download. This will open the original size of the photo up into a new tab. Download the photo by right-clicking and select "Save image as...". Once you have download the photos you want, select custom images and upload them.

The ideal size for both photos and videos in the Full Width layout is 1920x500 pixels. Wider than that is fine, and the height can vary a bit as long as it's within 50 pixels or so of 500.

The image display area for the Hero Unit is generally much wider than it is high, like a super-surround screen.  For best results, you'll want to carefully crop your images and video with this in mind. Here's an example of an image that works well:

For videos, you should use a clip that is at least 1920x500 pixels, and no more than 10MB in size.  All regular video formats (mp4, webm, etc.) are acceptable, but, not all movie formats (e.g. .mov) will work in all browsers.

Banner Text

You can also display a banner headline on top of the Hero Unit (that is, in the middle of the photos).  If you want to do this, type the text in the Lead field on this page.

Make sure to save your changes when you're finished!  They'll display on your website immediately.

Open Menu Links in New Tabs

Users can choose the option to Open in new tab on the Menu & Location section/tab of each new or existing page.

  • For existing Hosted Website webpages, users can make this change in the Menu & Location tab and select Open in new tab.

Open in a New Tab

  • For new custom Hosted Website webpages, users can make this change in the Menu & Location tab and select Open in new tab.

Open in a New Tab

Be sure to hit Save! Remember that this is not a global Hosted Website change, so users must edit and choose the "Open in new tab" option for any existing item/page. And it's ok to mix and match--whatever suits your fancy!