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My Account Restructuring

As of November 15th, 2023, the My Account area was restructured - these large changes included an update for how your "account" and "profile" are organized. We know these types of changes are hard, but the following should help with understanding the changes and the reasons behind them.

Your profile information (i.e., login) is now just about you, not your company or business. Your company or business is the account that you have access to. It might be your own account (i.e., the one you own and control) or someone else's.

With the addition of Team Access, back in 2022, it's been possible for users to have Staff access to many different accounts (and prior to that time, Portal access). So to help differentiate between the account-level and profile-level items, the two have been separated into their own menus.

We'll say that again - the Account/Profile menu was broken up into two separate menus, and some other things were moved to other menus and areas. Before this change was made, the Account menu had lots of things in it, some that pertained to the user logged in, some pertaining to the Account they were logged into, and some that just got stuck there over time. For those who had access to multiple accounts, the context of things could be rather confusing. These changes should help users more instantly recognize what account they are accessing and see their profile items at the same time.

As part of these changes, the Settings menu has been moved under the account menu. There are large design updates coming in the future that will move this again, but for now, this move helps us with limited screen real estate on mobile devices while we prepare for the bigger design overhaul.

Read on to see the full details of what moved and where!


Here is what it looked like before this change:

One of the most noticeable changes with this restructuring is the Settings menu moved from the top menu bar to be under the new Account menu. Before, the top menu looked like this (this is an account with PM premium feature):

Now the top menu for that same account looks like this:

OwnerRez Top Menu

Settings and Switch Account (for those that had the button) have moved from the top menu to inside the new Account menu.

Account menu

The new Account menu (which will usually show the name of the Account you're logged into) includes:

  • Settings (moved from the top menu bar)
  • Billing (will show if the logged-in user is the main user; Team Access Staff will not see the Billing area menu option)
  • Switch Accounts (will show if the logged-in user has access to more than one account)

If you don't operate under a business name (i.e., you don't have one entered under the Account Theme), the account menu will say "Account":

Profile menu

The revamped Profile menu includes:

  • My Profile (formerly Profile)
  • My Preferences (formerly Display Preferences)
  • My Alerts (formerly known as System Alerts, which used to be under Settings)
  • My Safeguards (formerly Safeguards)
  • Affiliate Program
  • Change Password
  • Logout

No matter which account is being viewed (using the same login), the profile menu context is always for the logged-in user, not the account you're impersonating.

? menu

Dismissed Alerts and Setup Interview were moved to the "?" menu. Dismissed Alerts was renamed to Announcements (to not be confused with Alerts). OwnerRez Status was changed to Service Status, which also now shows a real-time status indicator as fed from our OwnerRez Status page. If you don't see the green checkmark, you can click to view the status page to read up on which service(s) may be degraded or failing.

Help and Feedback were removed from the Profile menu altogether as they already existed here in the "?" menu (Feedback linked to Forums and Forums is already in the "?" menu).

This is what the old "?" menu looked like:

This is what the updated "?" menu looks like.


Advanced Tools

Lastly, the other items from the old Account/Profile menu have moved to Settings under a new Advanced Tools area:

  • Account Fields (formerly Custom Fields)
  • Account Files (formerly Files)
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Connected Apps
  • Developer / API Settings
  • Team Access

Team Access: Staff users can see the Advanced Tools area but not access it - it looks like this for Staff users:

Portal users (if they only have Portal access and not staff) were not affected too much by this menu restructuring.


Alerts (f.k.a. System Alerts) moved from under Settings to the Profile menu. This is due to the new feature of Team Access: Staff users being able to receive Alerts, if they are granted access to them.

Under Settings, it now shows that it was moved to the Profile menu. You can click from Settings to take you to its new location (we will eventually remove this from Settings).

Or you can click directly from the newly aligned Profile menu:

NOTE: If the user is a Portal user, and they are only a Portal user, they will not have Alerts in their Profile menu, as Alerts do not pertain to them as a Portal user.