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Processors & Gateways - Alternate Brand Names

OwnerRez supports a large number of payment processors and types.

However, we actually support many more than that, because many payment processors operate under multiple brand names.  We cannot list them all, but if you have a particular processor you'd like to use, a little Googling may reveal that they do actually share a brand we support, and therefore can be used.

This list will be added to and revised as new information is made known to us.  If you are using an alternate brand name with your OwnerRez account, please let us know so we can add it to the list.


Authorize.net is not an ordinary credit card payment processor; it is a merchant gateway that contracts with many, many different processors and banks.  No matter what processor or bank you wish to use, it is highly likely that they work with Authorize.net and, thus, can be used with OwnerRez.

  • Ascent


  • Bambora
  • BeanStream


  • Elavon
  • Costco


  • Payeezy


  • Vacation Rent Payments