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Missing Bookings (Not Enough Bookings Showing Up on Statements)

Our Property Management feature allows you to track and calculate commission for yourself (as a PM) and earnings for the owners that you manage on behalf of. Read about it in our Property Management Overview article.

When you create owner statements and PM statements, it is common for the statement to not contain as many bookings as you thought there would be.  There are a number of valid reasons this can occur, and it's important to know how to handle this.  This article will help you understand how to deal with these missing bookings

Understanding why bookings are missing

Bookings do not magically disappear from statements out of the blue.  There is always a specific calculated reason why the system includes or excludes them.  You just have to figure out what that is.  The below sections will walk you through the most-common reasons a booking is not showing up on a statement and explain what you need to do to correct them.  Go to missing booking and look at the details (on the booking itself) while reading the below sections, and you will most likely realize what the problem is.

Does the booking have PM turned on?

If you recently enabled the PM feature at large, there may be pre-existing bookings that do not have PM turned on at the booking level.  We call this "managed" bookings versus "unmanaged" bookings.  Is the booking managed?

Just because the PM module is turned on globally for your account does not mean every booking is automatically part of it.  In fact, bookings will not be part of the PM module unless they are specifically within the date range of the "owner configuration" timeline on the associated property.  If a property is not configured to have an owner, or the owner's effective date of ownership is outside the time of the booking, the booking is probably not "managed" and thus will not appear on statements.

Does the booking's stay dates (arrival, departure) match the selected criteria for the statement?

When generating the statement, you can select all bookings, only bookings up to the statement date or a specific range of bookings.  The booking's arrival or departure may be outside the statement criteria.

Does the booking have any charges?

If there are no charge line items, no earnings will have been calculated for the owner.

Does the booking have any payments recorded?

Even if there are charges on the booking, the system checks to make sure that payments have been made.  If there are no payments, the system assumes you have not been paid and excludes the booking from the statement.  After all, you don't want to remit money to the owner if the guest hasn't actually paid you yet.  NOTE: Airbnb and other channels sometimes don't show payout right away which lead to bookings not having payments entered.

Are the payments inside the statement period or future-dated?

Even if payment are entered, the system will exclude the booking if the payments are future-dated.  This is a safeguard in case you recorded a payment for the future but haven't actually received the money yet.  This is common with channels like TripAdvisor or Airbnb that have future payouts recorded.  If the statement is for January, but the payments are recorded as being in February or March, the January statement will not include the booking because you haven't actually been paid yet.  When February or March rolls around, those statements will pick up the booking from January.

Has the booking already been remitted as much as it can?

Remittance is tracked on every booking in addition to the commission and earning numbers.  The system notices what was already remitted in the past as well as direct remittances, which functions in more or less the same way.  The missing booking may have already been picked up on a past statement, so there is no open remittance balance to include on the current statement you are working on.

Is it actually a booking or a blocked-off time?

Only bookings can be included on owner or PM statements.  Blocked-off times do not generate any commission or earning numbers.

Did you specifically exclude that booking when previewing the statement?

When previewing statements, there is a checkbox next to each row and the ability to exclude bookings manually.  If you're previewing a statement, make sure you didn't exclude some bookings by accident.