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Quote Acceptance Form Messages

OwnerRez has been designed with a default Quote Acceptance process that will lead your guests, step by step, through the process of finalizing a booking.  You don't have to do anything to set up this function, it works automatically.

However, some users want to customize the messages and screens displayed to guests as part of this process.  We provide a way for you to do that, in Settings > Branding & Legal > Form Messages > Quote Acceptance Pages 1 - 6.

You can't change the functionality of the checkout process, of course - the same information (credit card, guest name, etc.) is always required.  But you can change the text of the messages in the blue boxes on each screen, like this example:

There are six different screens in the process, each with its own message.  If you are using custom fields that are required in your checkout process, they appear on their own screen, and you can control the header and footer of that screen too.

To customize one of these screens, click Create Form Message, and select the message type you want to customize from the drop-down selector:

When you start a new Create Form Message, it is automatically populated with the default text normally used in that message, in a blue box.  You can alter or replace this to suit your needs.

At the bottom of the screen, you can select which properties your custom form message should apply to.  This way, you can have different messages for each property if you desire, or custom messages for some properties while leaving the others using the defaults.

Save your changes, and your custom messages will be displayed the next time a guest goes through the booking process.