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Quote and Booking Reservation Process

There are a number of ways you can answer guests and/or lead them through the booking process. It depends on how they contact you...

If they send you an inquiry by email (or call you by phone) you can create a quote and respond to them with the quote which will include links where they can accept, pay, sign your renter agreement online. Here are a few quick screenshots that show you what the guest sees when they open their quote and click through the acceptance process on their way to booking. There are a lot of customization and options possible, but these are just some very basic screenshots.

Step 1: View Quote

Step 2: Enter Contact Info

Step 3: Sign Renter Agreement

Step 4: Make Payment

Make Payment

Step 5: Confirm Booking

Confirm Booking

Step 6: Booking Complete/Redirect

Once the guest completes the booking process, they will see the confirmation screen ("All done! Your booking has been saved.") providing the booking number and any further instructions.

Booking Complete/Redirect

But you may now want the guest to be redirected to your website again or to a custom thank you page. You can set up a redirect to occur after 20 seconds under each property's rule settings, which will apply to all quotes or bookings for that property (or you can do it ad hoc using the quote's rules before sending it). You cannot change the length of time (20 seconds) before the redirect occurs, but you can redirect to any URL you choose.

To do so, go to Properties > (Property Name) > Rules, towards the top in the Payment Methods section (Redirect After Booking URL):

Redirect After Booking URL

Additional Information

If you use our Book Now widgets on your website, the guest can book directly on their own. Here's a very basic live example of what that widget looks like:


That form is served by our system. If you enter in dates and guest counts, you'll see it update live with an in-place quick quote.

Or you can use our Hosted Website option to have your entire website served by our system. Here's a live example of that:

https://www.shenrent.com/ (that entire website is hosted by us)

In these types of examples, there is no interaction required. The guest can book directly.

If you always want to have interaction with the guest before they book, you can still use the booking widget but set it to "Inquiry Only" mode. That will only allow guests to send inquiries -- to book, you will have to respond to them with a quote.

In terms of actually taking payment, we integrate with a lot of different payment methods.  We integrate with more than 20 credit card processors, and you can take PayPal, check, and custom payment instructions.  More on that here:


We also integrate with channels like Airbnb and Vrbo where our system will take the booking information from the channel and process payment, and then communicate back with the channel under the covers.