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Taxes Detail Report

Sales tax rates and rules vary by state and locality, and vacation rental businesses must collect and remit any applicable sales tax to comply with the regulations in each jurisdiction where they conduct business. The OwnerRez Taxes Detail Report assists users to automate the collection of and in turn the reporting of their sales tax to the proper tax authorities.

Running the OwnerRez Taxes Detail Report can help users ensure accuracy, save time, as well as reduce the risk of errors and penalties.

To run the Taxes Detail Report, users can navigate to Reports > Detail Reports > Taxes.

Taxes Detail Report

Ownerrez users can outline the report criteria by selecting from the following fields to include.

  • Which properties
  • Time period
  • Which listing sites from the drop-down list/filter
  • Taxibility
  • Filter by the following Calculation Methods.
    • Accrual 
      • Any stay during period 
      • Use arrival date 
      • Use departure date 
      • Use booked date
      • Include pending bookings
      • Include canceled bookings
    • Cash
  • Choose the Report grouping from the drop-down list/filter
    • Selecting None will provide a complete summary
    • Selecting other groupings will result in "mini reports" for each group with a Grand Total summary displayed at the top.

Click on Run Report.

Report Criteria

The Taxes Detail Report will preview below with a summary of records displayed including booking sales tax columns with totals listed at the bottom of the report preview.

Taxes Detail Report Preview

Users can choose to Print or Export (and save) the completed Tax Detail Report.

Learn more by reading our Taxes OverviewCollecting Tax Information and Configuring Taxes support articles.