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OwnerRez Status Page

The OwnerRez Status page (i.e., Service Status) serves as a place where users can go at any time (and/or subscribe to) to know if OwnerRez is experiencing any sort of outage, service interruption, or planned maintenance window. The URL to get to the OwnerRez Status page is status.ownerrez.com - we encourage everyone to bookmark it. 

The key thing to note is the page is entirely separate from OwnerRez's servers. The page is powered and hosted by a 3rd party, Sorry™, a well-respected status page provider. It is a mobile-friendly page too.

When you land on our status page, you can see at a glance if "all systems are go" or if an incident is occurring.

This page intends to be public-facing, always available, and transparent about the current status of OwnerRez's services.

Subscribe to OwnerRez Status

One of the best features of our status page is the ability to subscribe to email and/or text message (SMS) updates. If you want to be alerted when something planned or unplanned happens, you can have those notices come your way by clicking the Subscribe button in the top right corner. Please note, that we only send out notifications if it's a major incident. We don't want to cause notification fatigue due to sending out almost weekly updates about planned maintenance or a minor event occurring.

Once you enter your email address and click/tap "Start subscription," the next page will ask you how you would like to be notified.

Once you've subscribed to updates, you can subscribe/unsubscribe to services individually using the bell icon. If you don't want to receive updates for a particular service, you can click on the bell for that item. It will turn light gray and the page will indicate in the top right corner that you need to save your changes. We recommend you stay subscribed to them all until you become acclimated to the OwnerRez Status page and alerts over time.

Planned Maintenance

At the bottom of the page, users can view recently resolved or previous incidents and planned maintenance. Those kinds of timely updates are worthwhile for all OwnerRez users.

In addition, on the in-app splash page that is shown during maintenance, it states:

For live status of OwnerRez, visit the OwnerRez Status page which will show known incidents and problems. 

Channel Partners and Service Providers

Users can also view recently resolved or previous incidents and planned maintenance from Listing Channel Partners and Service Providers at the bottom of the page. When OwnerRez is alerted by partners, the Status page will be updated to acknowledge any incidences we are monitoring closely.

Links to OwnerRez Status Page

Links to the OwnerRez Status page inside the app and on the OwnerRez website are always ready for users to access. There are two spots:

Click on the ? drop-down from the top menu anywhere in the OwnerRez app. It also features a live status icon - if you see green with a checkmark, "all systems are go." If there is an incident, it will be yellow or red.

Click on the Status link located in the OwnerRez website footer.

OwnerRez Live Status

Prefer a direct method of getting to the OwnerRez Status page? The URL is status.ownerrez.com - we encourage everyone to bookmark it

And that's it, a straightforward way to know the health of OwnerRez's services 24/7.