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Search and Filter

OwnerRez Users can search or use tags as filters when searching Bookings, Quotes, Inquiries, Contacts or Guests and Properties. The search and filter by tags is essentially the same process but we will detail both processes below.

Search Tags

OwnerRez Users may have created many, many tags and need the ability to search within the OwnerRez Tags area to locate a specific tag. Looking for the  tag? Below we will detail how to search for a specific tag.

Navigate to the Tags area by going to Settings > Workflow & Devices > Tags. Click on Filter.

In the Filter pop up window, we will add our search term. In this case, hot, for . Click on Search.

Notice that you can search for Enabled, Disabled and Any Status in the Status drop down list as shown below.

You can also Reset your search by clicking on the lower left Reset drop down list to select the System Default or to Clear (Show All) your search.

See below the search results for hot reveals our  tag.


Filter by Tags

For this example, we are in the Bookings tab. Click on the Filter button.

The Filter pop up window will open up. Select the Name of the Tags that you are searching for from the Has Tags drop down list. In the example below, we are looking for bookings that have a 

At the bottom right of the Filter window, click on Search. You can also Reset your search or Cancel it as shown below.

Below are our search results for the  Tag Filter.