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Taxes Overview

Taxes can get complicated but OwnerRez tries to simplify them for you as much as possible. Our taxes configuration area is accessible at Settings > Taxes. This is where you can configure all taxes that need to be charged to guests. OwnerRez doesn't have any tax information of its own until you configure the rules and rates the taxes settings.

Based on this information, the software will add tax line-items to quotes and bookings, and send tax rules to channels that support it.  So when guests make bookings on those channels, those taxes will pass through to you to remit. 

💡 Note:

OwnerRez DOES NOT remit any taxes on your behalf, open any accounts with tax agencies, or make any tax filings for you. You are responsible for configuring the tax settings correctly to match the requirements in your area and also for making all remittances and filings that are due.

We've created a walk-through video about Taxes in OwnerRez.  Before reading the rest of our tax articles, take a second to watch this first:

The process of getting your taxes configured in OwnerRez is complicated and takes time and effort to work through - not because the OwnerRez configuration itself is hard, but because of the many variables involved that you first have to research to know what the settings need to be.

In order to prepare to set up your taxes correctly in OwnerRez, you need to first collect and document a great deal of detailed information about the taxes you are required to handle.

When you have collected all the relevant information about the taxes that are applicable for your properties, read our support documentation about how exactly to configure them in OwnerRez for the various different possible situations.

Of course, on completion you will want to closely watch your bookings from all channels to make sure things look right, and to consistently remit the taxes to the proper authorities per their required schedule.