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The Host Co

The Host Co enables you to offer instant curated local amenities, rentals and on-site upgrades to your short-term rentals via a digital storefront. Benefits include:

  • Brand new revenue stream with up to $120k per year
  • Reduce guest inquiries by up to 70%
  • Differentiator in saturated markets
  • Tons of personalized guest data
  • Improved marketing content, listing descriptions, reviews and re-booking rates

Your store has inventory management, theft prevention, email & SMS notifications, and more.

Using our integration, you can seamlessly create stores from each of your OwnerRez properties, and your store links will automatically map to your OwnerRez properties so you can share them with guests in your messaging using a custom field.

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Steps for integration:

1. Sign up or log in to your The Host Co account. Click “Get Started” to either sign up for a daily demo with their team, or click “Start Your Store Here” to get started right away.

2. Once logged into the dashboard, click Partners on the top bar.

3. On the Partners page, click Start Now under OwnerRez.

4. On the next page, click Continue.

5. An authorization window will pop up, and you must click Authorize TheHostCo.

6. Once authorized, you will be shown your properties that have been imported from OwnerRez. Select the ones you'd like to create stores for, then click Create Stores.

8. You will now see your stores for each property you’ve imported from OwnerRez. Your stores are pre-populated with alterations (late check-outs, pet fees) and local services that The Host Co has curated in your area. You can edit or deactivate any of these products, or add any more that you’d like in each store by clicking “Add Product.9. Once you’ve edited your stores to your liking, the next step is to share them with your guests in your OwnerRez messaging. In OwnerRez, go to “Settings” > “System Messages”, and either add or edit your automated messaging to include your Host Co store.

Simply use the custom field {PXHOSTCO} in your OwnerRez message to pull each property’s unique store link.10. We recommend sending guests your store link:

  • At booking
  • One week before check-in
  • At check-in
We recommend saying something like, “If you’re interested in adding any amenities like massage, chef, or mid-stay cleaning, check out our store: {PXHOSTCO}.

Note: If you’d like messaging templates of what to send to guests at booking, one week before check-in, and at check-in, navigate back to your Host Co store and click “Share Store” to copy messaging templates at every step.

Copy those and switch out your store link with {PXHOSTCO} before you put them in your OwnerRez messaging.

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Property Name, First Photo, Zip code, City, and State.