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Update July 13, 2020


  • Added many more validations to the Listing Quality Analyzer
  • Used friendly day names instead of numbers on surcharge day of week criteria
  • Enhanced trigger and booking filter email filter criteria
  • Filtered out bookings/quotes/inquiries from disabled properties on their grids
  • Added NH as an excluded state on CFAR
  • Clarified damage protection secdep option wording
  • Fixed issue with deleting owner statements in batch not properly updating PM Lock
  • Added some client footer padding to let things breathe better
  • Sorted more internal lists by property display order
  • Added support for multiple mappings on identifier mapping links
  • Hid reviews on reviews widget for disabled properties
  • Added redirect back to hosted site after logout
  • Autofill end date after picking start date on season
  • Fixed auto-linking on form posts
  • Corrected import reviews total changed math
  • Increased max length on contact us form
  • Double check if user is locked/closed before sending
  • Set added date to now after duplicating a property
  • Show current blog post in RSS
  • Streamlined rate widget:
    • Only show longer rates only when there's a discount
    • Only show ranges if min/max are more than a couple percent different
    • Round away decimals
  • Channel bridge fixes:
    • Handle case when Vrbo payment is missing reservation id AND guest name doesn't match payer name
    • Handle case when Vrbo RDD is included in payment with no fees
    • Handle case where Airbnb shows a cancellation but still has a payment of less than 1