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2020 - Update July 27, 2020


  • Added option on door locks to generate codes for blocks in addition to bookings
  • Updated calendar import (iCal) to check for wider range of matches when reactivating cancelled bookings
  • Added export for seasonal rates
  • Fixed speed issues on communication history lists
  • Added Tags feature
  • Updated tax reports to not include booking charges that have no tax line items, by default, even if booking charges are marked as taxable
  • Fixed Vrbo API rates logic to evaluate date criteria separately instead of together
  • Added ability to refresh Airbnb API contact info (admin-initiated)
  • Fixed Channel Bridge to handle booking matches where there is no token and row is skipped
  • Fixed Airbnb API to overwrite all availability rules on the Airbnb listing even if they won't be used
  • Fixed Excel exports to properly format number columns
  • Fixed hosted website menus to respect the order of child pages
  • Updated surcharge logic to only evaluate season criteria on arrival day only
  • Fixed Travel Insurance to not allow the 'required' or 'selected' option on rules
  • Fixed phone error messages to be clearer that they are phone number related
  • Fixed typo (missing space before "manually") on the booking overview tab
  • Fixed property descriptions to allow angle brackets and not error
  • Updated property calendar settings to remove mutual blocking when disabling properties
  • Fixed bedroom drop-down to only show valid options
  • Fixed widgets to not show Pets drop-down if none of the account's properties allow pets
  • Added support link to the warning that shows when guest is supposed to pay by check
  • Fixed wording on scheduled security holds to referenced "hold" instead of deposit
  • Fixed property rules to remove the word "checkout" which is confusing
  • Fixed reviews to make filtering by property work again
  • Fixed SMS sending to not try to deliver an empty message (eg. bad attachment)
  • Fixed SMS bad delivery email to reference the thread, not the contact info
  • Fixed SMS preview for SMS templates (ie. text template) so show correct fields after selecting different bookings
  • Fixed bug where SMS templates were not showing in the trigger template drop-down correctly
  • Updated SMS sending to show all SMS numbers to select from when more than one exists
  • Allow sending non-image files in messages by uploading the file and showing a link to it instead of the image
  • Added ability to select messages (Air or SMS) and mark as read or unread from the inbox
  • Added filter on the inbox to filter for read/unread and delivery status
  • Added indicator on inbox and message thread for the type of message (Air or SMS)
  • Fixed mobile view of inbox to show name above message in a more-readable layout
  • Updated Email History to Communication History and added tabs for SMS, Calls and Airbnb messages
  • Added ability to move a message to a different guest from the conversation thread
  • Updated support articles to auto-shrink all sidebar categories other than the one the current article is in

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