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Update October 13, 2020


  • Added send buttons for sending/resending SMS/Airbnb triggers from the booking Email tab
  • Added button to view original SMS/Airbnb message on guest conversation
  • Added Used By column on SMS/Airbnb template grids
  • Cleaned up SMS/Airbnb communication history grids
  • Show Airbnb icon for those messages on conversation
  • Speed up rate calendar/seasonal defaults editor loading
  • Fixed double firing of save on rate editors when hitting enter when a button is already focused
  • Fixed rounding of rates on rate calendar
  • Used first season with rates when calculating rates instead of letting empty season override to 0 rate
  • Fall through to no rate seasons on rate table calculation if none exists with rates
  • Added LQA check for min nights longer than max nights
  • Updated LQA suitability checks to point to the right fix location
  • Added attached owner statement/pm statement readout on expense view
  • Change Airbnb nickname to use first 20 characters of property name if no property code exists
  • Added handling for travel insurance on pending/confirmation required/request to book bookings
  • Added support for travel insurance on non-USD bookings
  • Updated BBINFO field to show CFAR travel insurance if available
  • Transmit travel insurance dates based on property/user time zone
  • When selecting no pets/children, clear numeric entry so validation issue doesn't occur
  • Applied sentence casing to hosted theme header submenus
  • Don't look for themes on custom field headers
  • Fixed RA/booking created event trigger with signed criteria to fire on booking create
  • Added new Vrbo API cleaning amenities
  • Changed Vrbo API to follow second payment rule for manual payments if set
  • Changed Vrbo API to use OR payment schedule (vs Vrbo payment schedule) upon RTB/card failed pending confirm if changed in OwnerRez
  • Added system alert for inbound SMS messages
  • Fixed regression in calendar sync detection of OwnerRez iCal's to force cancellations instead of missing
  • Fixed handling of apostrophe's in hosted site page menu names
  • Allowed viewing of custom view statements by portal users, but don't allow statement view editing by portal users
  • Fixed timezone on trigger run date check to work properly for triggers just created
  • Fixed owner statement prorate to handle future bookings with a floor at 0
  • Fixed SMS billing logic
  • Fixed changing premiums to not attempt to disable SMS
  • Highlighted error section on SMS failure alerts
  • Updated affiliate program language for new rules
  • Added friendly error message on Airbnb public integrations

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