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Update March 21, 2022


  • Fix wording on watch topic checkbox
  • Fix affiliate calculations for grandfathered referrees
  • Include property in Google Analytics events
  • Fix Blog Post Published date timezone
  • Fix typo on PM Payout Date help text
  • Add G2 as a review source for our www site reviews
  • Fix DP Batch for 'On' dates of stay
  • Show 0 in secdep amount merge field if secdeps are disabled
  • Remove "Send Booking Confirmation" option for channel bridge booking import and default Send Create Triggers to no
  • Tweak review metadata
  • Add option to always create bookings on iCal and relabel default option to "detect"
  • Set Due Date of invoice in QuickBooks equal to the booking's second payment due date
  • Fix issue where cancellation fee radio is set incorrectly on "follow the policy" option
  • Don't delete QuickBooks payments that have not changed on the OwnerRez side even if the booking/charges have changed
  • Don't allow Airbnb LOS discounts less than 1%
  • Improve required gap changeover rule display on calendar
  • Clarify that virtual cards are virtual
  • Clarify user invoice currency
  • Improve travel insurance unavailable error message
  • Display withdrawn Property Share requests
  • De HTMLize listing feature text
  • Auto create blog page when first blog post created
  • Don't add extra duplicate sentences for complex cancellation policies
  • Tweaks to the new Affiliate area
  • Fix issue where Line Item Summary report is not deducting Discounts from Total
  • Match QuickBooks Online customer by first name if there is no last name
  • Email sending errors if TO name includes special chars
  • Fix issue with suppressed email address global alert sticking around even when all account-level emails are reactivated
  • Fix layout of Batch Update Bookings DP Date Picker in Firefox
  • Item action menu fixes/rewordings
  • Better handling for closed accounts with hosted websites
  • De-entize Airbnb account names
  • Portal Access users shouldn't be able to delete blocks
  • Add background settings on hosted
  • De-entize billing info